Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are a great way to promote your business and maintain relationships with your existing customers, however up until recently the cost of having a fully customized app developed for your business was prohibitive. Now, thanks to hybrid app technology, it is possible for mobile apps to be developed quickly and affordably. No longer will you have to restrict yourself to “cookie cutter” apps that are just re-branded versions of what everyone else is providing. Instead, we can help you to create highly customized experiences for your customers. Call us today if you have any questions or would like a free consultation about an idea you have for a mobile app or a need that you want an app to meet.

What are Hybrid Apps?

There are two primary ways to develop mobile apps: Native and Hybrid. Native apps are written in programming languages such as Objective-C and Java; by the virtue of that trait they are fast, flexible, and powerful, however they are also expensive to create, difficult to maintain, and often difficult to port from one platform to another. Hybrid apps are written using a combination of native code and re-purposed web technologies, such as HTML5. Hybrid apps are not quite as fast or flexible as native apps, but they cost a fraction as much, are quick to develop, and, due to their relationship with HTML5, are cross-platform compatible.

What Our Mobile Apps Aren't:

  • Our apps are not one size fits all nor are they just an opportunity to slap your logo on a mobile app that has been sold to hundreds of other businesses. Our apps are customized mobile applications built from the ground up to meet the specific needs of your business and to appeal to the specific tastes of your customers.
  • Our mobile apps are not going to be completed overnight without any sort of feedback - They will be an original product that is born through collaboration – We don't just desire your feedback and involvement, we require it in order to ensure that the app meshes with your vision.
  • Our mobile apps are not websites – They provide a level of dynamic interactivity and convenience that could not normally be achieved by a standard website.

What You Need to Know About the App Store Submission Process:

When it is time to submit your mobile app to the major app stores, such as iTunes and Google Play, many app developers are willing to submit your app for you. Since this practice can make it difficult for you to maintain your app and can even lead to you not directly owning the rights to your mobile app, we have chosen not to go with this route. We want to ensure that you have total control over your mobile app once it has been published and that you are able to easily provide access to other developers that you may work with in the future. We are not saying that we won't support you and help you through the submission process, we are saying that at the end of the process we want to ensure that the app is in your name and under your control!